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Hermès to Back Brand in China-December 22, 2009

In the fashion industry (and, increasingly, in any industry), the phrase 'Chinese craftsmanship' is usually an implied pejorative. Fairly or unfairly, things that are made in China are generally assumed to be less well-made than those made in Europe or the US, and much has been made over a handful of Chinese product recalls that have been announced for deadly dog food and baby formula or lead-filled toothpaste.So when Hermes says that they're going to launch a Chinese-designed, Chinese...

2012-4-19 Comments:0HermesHermèsBrandChina
Gucci faces 'sweatshop' claims in China

Hong Kong (CNN) – Gucci stores in Shenzhen, China are facing allegations from former employees of operating as high-end "sweatshops," according to reports earlier this week in China's ...

2012-4-19 Comments:0GucciChinaClaims
The Top Global Fashion Brands in China-2011Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report

Amongst the top 100 brands two luxury brands: Louis Vuitton and Hermes and two fast fashion retailers: H&M and Zara were present. When it comes to China, these four brands are already well established in the market with Vuitton, H&M and Zara being present in over 30 cities. Hermes, who takes a more subdued approach to expansion is already present in 15 Chinese cities. These four fashion brands already have such strong brand value in China that they can draw large crowds of consumers to any mall where they are present. Therefore, they are in constant demand by shopping mall developers across China and are able to use their brand value to leverage the best deals in terms of location and leasing terms etc.

2012-4-13 Comments:0BrandsChinaFashion
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